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Our Company History

From a single commitment to a group effort, we built a great brand.

Trade-In Tech started in 2012 in a one bedroom apartment. The founder, Hayden Howard saw an increasing demand in the mobile phone industry, then created the company. We use to buy iPhones one by one off of Craigslist and resell them on eBay, a lot has changed since then. Over the past few years, we have become one of the most trusted mobile phone distributors in the nation. We have strategically partnered with retail stores, carrier trade-in programs and manufacturers to source the highest quality handsets.

Trade-In Tech is growing faster than ever. Through a combination of long term industry knowledge, excellent team management and great customer service, we have the ability to work with everyone. Our operations include intensive quality control procedures, international distribution and full handset refurbishing. We understand the challenges you may face with your growing company and we are here to offer a solution. Our goal is to always improve quality standards and offer the most consistent and reliable services to our clients.

Our Valuable Team Members

Hayden HowardFounder/CEO
Hayden has a background in internet marketing, web development and venture capital investments. He founded Trade-In Tech in 2012 and created a strategy plan for future innovation. With years of experience in the wireless industry, he continues to excel the company to new heights. Most of Hayden’s time is spent on developing new relationships and innovating current operations.
Geoff MableySales Manager
Geoff brings great experience in online sales and client management. He has proven his direction in the company by increasing international sales and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction. He continues to help the company expand into many parts of the world. Geoff spends most of his time increasing brand awareness and maintaining client relationships.
Josh AlipioOperations Manager
Before joining Trade-In Tech, Josh worked for a big box electronics retailer managing sales and operations. He joined our team to improve his management skills and knowledge of mobile electronics. With great experience, he has helped developed a reliable work force and state of the art quality control procedures. Josh spends most of his time managing clients and marketing to new companies.
Ace YabutRefurbishing Manager
Ace brings years of experience from the repair and refurbishing industry. He increased the companies repair operations by 500% in his first year. Ace spends most of his time refurbishing used handsets and maintaining repair operations.

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